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The Wyken district is mainly a working class area with both private and social housing. There are two places of worship either side of the churchyard, St. Mary Magdalene which is a small attractive Norman building (the oldest building in Coventry, over 900 years old!), and Risen Christ which is a multi-purpose church and centre (also including the Lunch Club) built in the 1960’s. Both churches are used regularly for a variety of services.

We have 3 different and distinct services, in order to offer worship and fellowship for all:

8.00am St. Mary Magdalene/Risen Christ

9.30am Risen Christ.

The first Sunday of every month is a 'Worship For All' service, perfect for all those who are new to the church, as well as long standing worshipers!

5.30pm St. Mary Magdalene.

The worship tradition is central and largely Eucharistic, non Eucharistic services are usually led by Readers. The main 9.30 Sunday service is led by robed choir and organ.

The congregations are of a mature age group, with more younger people now coming to faith. The church is also well known for its highly respected Lunch Club for elderly people, and the 3T's (Toddlers, Tea & Toast) group.

Both churches are ministered by Revd. Linda Mudd and the vicarage is next to Risen Christ Church.

The Church of the Risen Christ


St. Mary Magdalene

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The Church of the Risen Christ - photo by Phil Hughes

St. Mary Magdalene - photo by Phil Hughes

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